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Dive Into Ashtanga Yoga with Kaz Castillo

Dive Into Ashtanga Yoga

A Weekend Intensive with Kaz Castillo


To dive into the ashtanga yoga practice is like diving into the sea. There are many levels to experience, sometimes it might feel like we are wading the shallows for a good period and then, suddenly the wall drops and we find ourselves in another world completely. Yoga looks differently from these depths: the color and shape of things look more vibrant and intense.

Over these three days, we will dive into the experience of ashtanga yoga as it is taught traditionally in Mysore, India in the lovely, light-filled Shala in Buzzah Beach.  

There are two integral ways we learn ashtanga yoga. The first is in a mysore-style self-practice space, where students are able to digest each posture at their own pace with the guidance of a teacher. By allowing students to dive into the concerted quiet of their own practice, the āsanas or postures become second nature and so does the quality of a moving meditation.

The second compliments the self-practice. Led class is when all are unified in their breath and movement. The teacher does this by calling the Sanskrit count of each vinyasa, coordinated breath and movement—which is what makes ashtanga so dynamic, purifying and focused. 

For Gounies new to ashtanga yoga: To fully enjoy and benefit from the experience, we suggest you start classes with Sarah El Sawi at the Shala before the Intensive Weekend so that you are ready for the DIVE IN! 

The Shala, Buzzah Beach

The Shala, Buzzah Beach

Weekend Schedule

Thursday, April 4

*8:30 am: Guided Class

 Friday, April 5

9:00 am: Mysore Mysore

* 4:30 pm: Philosophy & Workshop

 Saturday, April 6

9:00 am: Morning Mysore  

* If you cannot attend all three days but would like to attend one or two of Kaz’s classes, those sessions are open for walk-in participants. Walk-in Fees: LE 300 per class

Full workshop Fees: LE 1,080