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I believe in art as a form of authentic expression, a shedding of layers that leads to your truth.
I am an artist, creative guide and the founder of the Women by the Sea Art Festival.
I invite people into their innate creativity and experimental space of play.


"We are naturally playful, creative beings. As kids, we don’t question, judge it or try to frame it into something more useful. We respect creative play for what it is - our very own joyful nature."

- Sarah El Sawi (that's me)


3 Ways to explore Women by the Sea:

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The Portfolio

Check out the colorful collection that is my portfolio. From graphics to painting on uneven surfaces, I love experimenting with different textures and art forms. 

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The workshops

I offer an array of workshops and events for artists, children, people who have forgotten they are artists and those who believe they are not creative.

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The art festival

Check out the Women by the Sea Art Festival in El Gouna. Apply to showcase your work or volunteer and stay tuned on information for the upcoming festival .


What does Women by the Sea stand for?

Women by the Sea stands for inclusion.

It is a call to make room for the intuitive, receptive, open-hearted, creative, life-birthing feminine qualities in us all. It is through inclusion of feminine that we begin to see the interconnectedness and wholeness of life. The term "WoMen" is inclusive of both women and "men"; it is about seeing both as equally important parts of the whole- and in return paying them both equal respect and appreciation. I grew up in a world that suppresses feminine qualities, labelling them as weak and incompetent.  Yet I was surrounded by such profound examples and experiences of female strength; The strength that comes with vulnerability, the creativity that comes with intuition, the connection that comes through heart-centred understanding, all of which continue to be undermined, and the art world is no exception. Women by the Sea is an invitation to the integration and celebration of those feminine qualities. The sea invites us to lay our overstimulated thoughts to rest, strip bare, unveil our masks, bask in the vastness of life and float in awe and wonder.

My experience of the sea has been a space where the female body is not shamed, but celebrated, where female energy is welcomed rather than repressed. It is about cleansing away outdated beliefs, letting go of unnecessary suppression, stepping into our wholeness and experiencing our full potential. It is the unapologetic, creative, uncensored expression of all that we are, where the feminine is celebrated and allowed her rightful place. 


Talk to me

... about exhibitions in El Gouna, Cairo or abroad. An idea for the Women by the Sea Art Festival. Improving the visibility of artists in Egypt and worldwide. Offering a workshop or retreat on creativity, authenticity and play - whether in the form of art, movement or healing. Joining creative minds and forces and having an incredible time in the process.



Have a peak at my portfolio

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