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Ashtanga Yoga: A Practice of Love?

Ashtanga Yoga: A Practice of Love?



Yoga is an act of deep love, love for oneself and others. It is a practice that makes space for more connection in our lives—our bodies, for deeper relations with our friends and family, and for greater effort and appreciation for our work, passions and all that we do.

KPJAYI authorized teacher Kaz Castillo will take us through a journey of self-love and exploration through yoga. A dedicated ashtanga practitioner, Kaz received the blessing to teach from her teacher, KPJAYI Director and yoga exponent Sharath Jois. Since 2013, she has been traveling and teaching in the Philippines, San Francisco, India, across Europe and Japan. Kaz is currently facilitating a traditional ashtanga program called Mysore Zamalek at Nūn Center in Cairo.



6-8pm : From the Ground Up – Ashtanga-Inspired Yoga Foundation Class

In this introduction to the weekend workshop, we’ll be reviewing the tenets of yoga, delving deeper in one of the great yoga texts “Bhagavad Gita,” while exploring “trisśtāna” or the three pillars of the ashtanga within the realms of the body as we look at sun salutations, standing postures, and forward folds.    


 8-9:30am Mysore-Style Self-Practice

Traditional ashtanga yoga is taught 4/5 days out of the week in a self-practice space. Students here will get individual attention as they dive into the flow of their own practice. (for participants who have their ashtanga yoga sequence memorized*)

9:30-10:45am Ashtanga Yoga Guided Class

We’ll be growing our exploration of ashtanga yoga by looking at the primary series “Yoga Chikitsa.” This dynamic form of yoga therapy, reshapes the body, strengthening the core, lengthening the muscles of the legs and arms, while bringing suppleness to the spine. (all levels welcome*)

 * participants should choose only one morning class to attend. Please consult with Sarah to find out which is best suited to you. 

 5-7pm Yoga of Effort, Knowledge and Devotion 

We will look at the three kinds of yoga outlined in the Bhagavad Gita, and how these play out in informing a healthy, stable, loving yogāsana practice. We’ll be looking at some key postures in the primary series and closing series. Bring your questions, we will make time to answer! 


9-10:45am Dive Into the Flow – Led Primary 

We will bring together the various lessons of the weekend in one led class. For this closing session, we will breathe and move according to the counted vinyasa, breath and movement combined. Dynamic and energizing, practicing to the vinyasa helps us purify the body. Modifications may be given if a posture is not appropriate. Students may be stopped if it will be unsafe for them to continue. 

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel and water. Its best to practice on an empty/light stomach. Please contact me for further inquiries or just sign up below and I'll be in touch with you shortly. 

Workshop Fees: LE 1,200