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Look Again! Drawing and Painting with Nadim

A 3-session visual arts workshop where you will develop your drawing and painting skills, using various materials and exploring different mediums. 

Cover image artwork  by Lara Abaza, Hedayat Ezzat, and Sahar Nasser.  

Cover image artwork  by Lara Abaza, Hedayat Ezzat, and Sahar Nasser.  

The workshop follows a 'learner-centered' approach, focusing on your own individual interests and wonders. Nadim - the workshop facilitator -  will encourage project-based practice and research, working towards an informal group exhibition. He will also share his experience on how to create your online platform/portfolio for sharing your art, inviting engagement, collaboration and work opportunities. 

Ahmed Nadim, is an artist educator and a painter with an MA in education from Goldsmiths, University of London, with 8 years of experience as a teaching artist, working with both children and adults in formal, non-formal, and voluntary educational settings.  


Sessions plan: 10am- 1:30pm every day

Session 1: 30/3
A series of warm-up drawing games which also act as an ice-breaker.
Doing a few exercises to study the visual language of drawing and painting. 
Drawing from life (and painting) an object of your choice. 
Reflecting on what we did and discussing each participants's project/artwork to start on Session 2. 

Sessions 2 and 3: 31/3 & 1/4
Sketching, illustrating, and testing out ideas for the first parts of your project/artwork, through which, you will learn new ways of (a)starting, (b) developing, and (c) finalising an artwork within a cycle of practice and research.
Starting the project/artwork while learning how to draw/paint from life, from photo references, from imagination, or a combination of all the previous. 
You will also be encouraged to experiment, explore new methods, combining mediums and materials, through both individual and collaborative work. 
We will spend the last hour of session #3 in looking into 'curation' in practice, curating our own group exhibition. 
No previous experience is required for any of the workshop activities.  

Each participant will get their own materials. Once you register, please call Nadim - on 01222353518 - to decide on the materials you will need (based on what you want to do). 

Earlier Event: March 29
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