Official Bio: Sarah El Sawi

Sarah El Sawi, the founder of Women by the Sea, is an Egyptian visual artist and curator with a background in Visual Art and Integrated Marketing Communications (BA, American University Cairo), who worked in advertising before leaving the commercial world behind to focus solely on creative expression. Her work is influenced by her time drawing in Paris, her studies with artist Magd El Sigini and her life in Gouna on the shores of the Red Sea, of course.

Sarah’s interests are broad and deep. She has studied homeopathy, practiced Ashtanga yoga and traveled to the UK to learn an understanding called the Three Principles, also known as Innate Health. She shares everything she practices from a courageous, experimental place, attracting children and adults, artists and art lovers alike.

Women by the sea was fist founded in 2015 as a collaborative exhibition in El Gouna and has grown into the festival it is today: a multidisciplinary platform for performing and visual arts.  Sarah offers creative guidance to those who know that art slumbers inside of them. She helps them access, express and then broadcast it, with other women and men by the sea.


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