WoMen By The Sea Arts Festival is an annual celebration of artistic expression that takes place for one week in El Gouna, Egypt, by the Red Sea. 

The festival aims to integrate cross-disciplinary art forms and artists on one platform and create a space of collaboration that inspires fresh ideas and gives birth to new projects. Every everyone is invited to simultaneously give and receive. Emerging artists are encouraged to showcase their work along side established artists, and Red Sea residents with hidden artistic tendencies are encouraged to share their expressions. The festival creates a space where art can be experienced outside the confines of gallery walls and theatre stages and allow art to meet people where they are, breaking the barriers between the audience and artwork.

Women by the Sea stands for inclusion. The term WoMen is inclusive of both women and men - it is about seeing both as equally important parts of the whole- and in return paying them both equal respect and appreciation. The festival aims to showcase the unapologetic, creative expression of all that we are, where the feminine is highlighted, celebrated and allowed her rightful place. Male artists are more than welcome to join the fun and support this wave of inspiration.

Women By The Sea has been and continues to be greatly supported by El Gouna, Aurora and TU Berlin. Various Red Sea residents, particularly the El Gouna community, along with local venues including The Club House, Moods and The Library have been wonderfully supportive. A heart-felt thank you to all of them and a special shout-out to the incredible artists who ventured out of their way to participate in the show. Your support is invaluable. 

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